About Us


Inspiration is everywhere but it’s how you choose to unveil it to the world. Why not leave a lasting impression?


Creative Director

Bachelor of Design (Hons)


Through years of experience in marketing positions within different industries, we have been able to build Max Media as a mixed media company specialising in videography. With an understanding that there is a demand for quality content and a change in strategy within the modern marketing movement, we have turned our ideas and ambitions into a company that is passionate about creating promotional media. We aim to capture the minds and attention of your market’s audience and enrich a value to your service and/or product.


No job is too big or small for us, we offer multiple services such as graphic design, photography, campaign strategies and videography (view some of our latest work here).


As we are creative experts, we shall wrap this writing up here and let the media do the rest of the talking. If you are just browsing, we hope you enjoy our work. If you are looking for a service, then please get in touch! We are happy to offer options, ideas and quotes via email or over the phone at no cost.