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Fraser Cars has been handcrafting Lotus 7 replica sports cars since 1988. After years working as a chassis builder for the business, I bought Fraser Cars with my wife, Ida, in 2006. It’s an exciting business with an amazing heritage built on true craftsmanship. Here’s more about our business and our desire to build the very best classic sports cars:

The history of Fraser Cars
Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Fraser Cars has been handcrafting Lotus 7 replica sports cars since 1988. The founder, Neil Fraser, had been so impressed by the Lotus 7 replicas he was competing against at a race day he attended in 1987 that he drove home and decided to build one himself. When Neil took his hand-built replica to the 1988 National Car Show, admiration for his car produced three orders on the spot. And so Fraser Cars was born.

The craftsmen at Fraser Cars help you choose a set-up that gives your Lotus 7 replica sports car exactly the power and handling that you want, whether you’ll be cruising country roads at weekends, having fun on the racetrack, or competing in hill climbs.

You get to decide the styling of your Fraser Lotus 7 replica, from the trim to the seats, the lights to the paintwork. There is the classic Fraser Clubman which offers you a timeless sports car. Or you can choose the sportier Fraser Clubman S where you get a Lotus 7 replica with a more modern look.

There are just over 340 Fraser Lotus 7 replicas worldwide. And no two Frasers are the same. Fraser owners love driving a sports car that looks and feels unique. Our Lotus 7 replicas catch the eye, and capture the imagination

We handcraft all our cars in Auckland, New Zealand, and have been doing so for over 20 years. We shun cheap components and instead retain a team of skilled craftsmen who know how to build things properly, using the best quality materials and with tremendous attention to detail.

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