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Here at Uplift Fitness Boutique, along with top-grade equipment, we deliver premium coaching with outstanding fitness services.

Group Training
Group training sessions vary from cardio-based workouts to resistance-based work outs and a combination of both. These flexible, social, energetic and dynamic work outs are catered to all fitness levels. Our coaches will be there to guide you and push you according to your own individual ability, and most importantly make sure you achieve much more than you possibly thought.

Personal Training
Qualification and experience aside, it’s our passion, dedication and determination that drives our coaches to deliver the best service possible. Regardless of what your fitness objectives are, our coaches will construct a plan that will enable you to accomplish and surpass those objectives through different schedules intended to constantly challenge and push you to your limits.

Private Team Training
Together, everyone achieves more. Grab your team and book a private group workout. whether you are a sports team with a specific sports goal, a work place wanting to focus on team building or even just a group of friends wanting to sweat it out in a private environment, our coaches are there to guide, motivate, and push your team to their full potential.

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